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New Delhi Declaration

We, the representatives of progressive Buddhists, delegated by Buddhist organisations, striving for peace and justice in Asia and the world and for enhancing human dignity around the emerging national centres with solid or yet-fluid forms, best-suited to the circumstances prevailing in the respective locality, gathered at the call of Asian Buddhist Committee for promoting peace from the 1st to 3rd of November B.E. 2518, in the 3rd Conference of the Committee, held at New Delhi, the most beautiful capital of re-born India, yet the most ancient and sacred land where our Great Teacher, Sakya Muni, the Buddha, got enlightened.

The delegates and observers of the following countries are participating in this conference:
  • Bangladesh
  • Japan
  • Mongolia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Cambodia
  • Malaysia
  • Nepal
  • India
  • Democratic Republic Of Vietnam
  • Prg Of South Vietnam
  • Ussr

REPRESENTATIVE : Vietnamese Buddhist Association in Paris of the 3rd Component of Vietnam.

REPRESENTATIVE : Korean Buddhist Federation in Japan.

We heard the General Report submitted by the president of ABCP, the Most Ven. Khambo Lama, Samad5in Gombojav, the reports of all the national-delegations-leaders and messages of distinguished personalities of our faith and went on to deliberate upon the materials placed before us in two specific Commissions.

And now, emerging out of thorough going study of our fundamental approach for establishing peace in this part and the whole of the world, with the background of abundant Buddhist concepts of peace in our canonical richest at stores;

And of the measures, both of long and short terms, how to unite and activate the great bulk of millions of Asian Buddhists to strong formidable peace force;

Rising above the differences of Creeds;

And placing ourselves in the prevailing situation;

We came up to declare to the Asian Buddhists, prepared to raise on their feet, that we have succeeded to get set and go forward in an organisational manner to formulate a forum, “ASIAN BUDDHIST CONFERENCE FOR PROMOTING PEACE”, an independent and genuinely voluntary movement of our, aspiring for peace and justice.

Having tried to act upto the urges of the last two consecutive conferences of ABCP which we had recognised a the spring-head of COMPASSION having witnessed the cruelty of wars, in our parts of the world including HIROSHIMA, NAGASAKI, KOREAN and INDO-CHINA PENINSULA and BANGLADESH, not to speak of the two World Wars;

Having heard the features of off-balanced arms-race at the expense of starving masses, initiated and promoted by the imperialist forces and countered by the peace forces of the world;

Having witnessed tremendously re-inforced aggressive military alliances, and chain reaction of nuclear and other war-preparedness both in its totality and in operational theatre and sub-theatre’s levels in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean;

Taking serious note of the combative measures pregnant with the fascist repressions below 38 parallel in Korea ad serious complaints of poverty, hunger and social segregation, still continuing unabashed;

And lastly but foremostly having witnessed the brutality and persisting agony of war in Indo-China conducted through the neo-colonialist policy;

And further having recognised the Asian characters, i.e.:

  • Majority of Asians being of our faith;
  • So long been victimized under imperialism and colonialism, old and new;
  • Economically need to be developed further to eliminate hunger and poverty;
  • Divided so sharply by the colonialist policy;
  • Thus the paramount need for us today is for unity and solidarity among ourselves;
  • Yet majority of our brethren need to be activated from their idle contemplation to enable them to participate more actively and conscientiously in their social affairs;

We declare that our attitude towards peace in Asia, therefore, primarily has to be one that refuses imperialist aggression and colonial domination, old and new, that combines the peace of mind within the peace without.

We will advance our movement firstly and basically to cut all evils at their root, to remove sufferings of all and to strive for the benefit of all; and for those ends to consolidate a united

Great Sangha of Asia, an organisation around the Tathagata’s Compassion, Karuna and Metta.

Our basic approach to peace being such, we declare, we are in concord with every norm of Buddhist concept for peace, starting from the Dialectic Law of Relatively, Four Noble Truths, Patita-Samputpada, Eight-fold Right Paths or Sapta-Paramita.

We declare that only by doing so we can add the treasure store of brilliant cultural heritage of our force-runners and then leave them for our prosperous followers for generations to come.

We confess with regret that we have done only a little.

We declare that our confidence in a tremendously large scope of activity and broad perspectives, now opening up before us, towards a future, pregnant with glory and bliss, like a glittering diamond, is unbreakable by any destructive force.

Our organisations shall be called hereinafter as “ASIAN BUDDHIST CONFERENCE FOR PROMOTING PEACE” with its Executive Council and Headquarters in Ulan-Bator.

The Asian Buddhist Conference for promoting peace is an independent and voluntary movement of Asian Buddhists, symbolising the innermost aspirations of the disciples of Lord Buddha, to promote peace and justice and to enhance human dignity.

This movement shall strive for the establishment of peace and justice in Asia and the world through application of Compassion, the fundamental of the sacred teachings of Lord Buddha.

The Aims and Objectives of the Asian Buddhist Conference for promoting peace shall be as follows:

    • To disseminate Buddhist concepts of peace and justice among all peoples of Asia.
    • To achieve close cooperation through concerted action among Asian Buddhists for promoting peace and justice in Asia and the world.
    • To unite all Asian Buddhists, to oppose imperialism, colonialism and neo-colonialism and achieve, uphold, and defend national independence.
    • To oppose aggressive military alliances and setting up of foreign military bases on Asian soil in the neighbouring seas.
    • To strive for the complete prohibition of nuclear and other mass destructive weapons (their production, testing, stock-pilling and use) and work for total disarmament.
    • To eradicate hunger, poverty, ignorance, discrimination, exploitation, economic injustice and religious intolerance and segregation and to promote social equality, economic progress, religious harmony and universal brotherhood.
    • To cooperate and collaborate with other peace and solidarity movements of religious and non-religious nature working for similar objectives.

Our organisation shall consist of Buddhist monasteries, temples, organisations, group and individual personalities sincerely seeking to promote and realize the aims and objectives stipulated in this declaration.

Our organisation is to unite around the singular national centres in each ad every country with a view to further consolidate them.

We set forth, thereupon, an immediate task for the following concerted common actions:

  • United action for recognisation of PRG of RSV, GRUNK and DPRV as the sole, legitimate and legal representatives of the people of South Vietnam, Cambodia and for the autonomous, peaceful reunification of Korea.
  • United action for the isolation of Nguyen Van Thieu, Lon Nol and Park Chung Hi and in particular for the strengthening of the support for the current struggle of South Vietnamese people and the Buddhists to over throw Thieu.
  • United action for an International agreement to completely prohibit Nuclear Weapons.
  • United action against foreign military bases set up on the soil of Asia and for the abrogation of aggressive military alliances and for a genuine and durable peace and security in Asia.
  • United and concerted action for the implementation of the Aims and Objectives enumerated herein before.

We take refuge in the Triple Gem.

May peace and justice be restored at once in the whole of Asia.

Communiqué of the Third Conference

The Third Conference of the Asian Buddhist Committee for promoting peace was held on November 1-3, 1974 in New Delhi, the capital city of India.

The Conference was attended by over 200 delegates, guests and observers from Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Japan, USSR, Malaysia, Mongolian People’s Republic, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam, representing over 20 organisations and monasteries as well as League of Korean Buddhists in Japan and the Federation of Overseas Vietnamese Buddhists in Paris.

General report at the Conference was delivered by the Most Ven. Khambo Lama S. Gombojav, President of ABCP on the present tasks facing Asian Buddhists peace movement.

The activities carried out since the second conference of the ABCP by the affiliated member organisations were also discussed.

The ABCP in its third conference adopted following documents:

“New Delhi Declaration” outlining the task facing Asian Buddhists peace movement.

“Special Resolution on the current situation in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, reflecting the importance of the struggle for establishing stable peace in south-east Asia as one of the essential tasks of the Asian Buddhists.

At the conference, H.E. Shri Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, President of the Republic of India, delivered inaugural address and messages of greetings from Heads of states and political leaders as well as from peace, public and religious international organisations were also read out.

The conference was held in a friendly atmosphere of mutual understanding reflecting the aspirations of Asian Buddhists for universal peace and security in the light of the Teachings of Lord Buddha.