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Second General Assembly

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Second ABCP General Conference,

Peradeniya, Kandy, Sri Lanka,

23-27 April 1972,

The knowledge we gathered during our deliberations about the new air war that is on escalation towards its ecocidal stage made us the more bitter over already intolerable crime of war, firstly of aggression, secondly, of fundamental rights of the peoples of Indo China to their self-determination, sovereignty, freedom and national unity, and lastly, of its unprecedented scopes of genocide.

The knowledge that Asian Buddhists are being forced to fight fellow Buddhists by the factful and cunning inspired strategy made us firm in the conviction that the war in Indo China is one that disrespected against the 'Triple Gem' which should never have been attempted by any other forces for which Nixon is responsible.

The knowledge that the war in Vietnam was Vietnamised and expanded into the war in Indo China, and the war in Indo china was Indo-Chininised and expanded to the war in Asia. This war in Asia being made us quite aware that we, Asian Buddhists, should unite to resist and arrest the warmongers to all point of their attending provocation either politically or economically towards the Asianised war of aggression and of their postulation of religions for their evil ends.

The knowledge that the war in Indo China is not at all being de-escalated in spite of all those 'Peace Pose' including the certain number of ground forces and that the war is becoming a secret, automated, mechanised, electronised, and after all amoral-less air war which does not discriminate in its killing and destruction men from animals, children from grown-ups nor military targets that we should place ourselves on the side of the sufferers of atrocity but not that of the givers of suffering.

The knowledge that the peoples in Indo China have been united, struggling for their just cause and their heroic struggle is to fight the cause of ours which is to establish eternal peace on earth by arresting the worst war criminals and their allies in the world made us also united in view that unity must be to all of us and this alone is the power capable of repulsing and overcoming the onslaught of the brutal, cold-blooded mechanical and sheer violence ever exorted in our history.

(1.) Let the Asian Buddhists compel America to stop aggression by overcoming a difference of the doctrines and political ideologies, making a suffering of the Buddhists of the Indo China as our own, and uniting firmly;

(2.) Clarifying the deceptive nature of the eight-point proposal of the President Nixon, it should be made plain that is very important to give overall support to the 7-point initiatives of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam, in particular, following two-point proposal made on 2 February 1972.

Special Resolution On Indo China

We, the representatives of Asian Buddhists striving for the promotion of peace gathered here at the University of Peradeniya, Kandy, Ceylon for the second conference of the Asian Buddhist Committee for promoting peace to discuss the situation facing peoples in Asia and to find the way to establish permanent peace in this part of the world.

The Lord Buddha in one of his utterances said, "as if a mother, risking her life, protect her only child, it is necessary to give risk to a boundless compassion to all being, also give risk to a spirit of boundless compassion to the world," which justifies how the attitude of the fellow brethren, who are struggling against aggressive deeds of America to gain victory for peace and independence of the people of Indo China and endeavouring to defend Buddhist belief, is faithful to the teachings of the Buddhism.

We find the burning questions of the war in Indo China is undoubtedly the gravest for all of us, and thus we get a special commission to examine the situation around Indo China.

That is to say:

  • We demand the US government to rapidly and totally withdraw all the American military forces from Indo China, set a precise date limit for this withdrawal and put an end to the air war and all military activities against the peoples of Indo China;
  • We demand the US government to completely stop supporting the puppet regimes she herself created and is using them as a tool of war and neo-colonialism, and to bring a situation so that the Indo China peoples can determine their own destiny freely without any interference from a foreign country.
    The in LAOS, we support the 5-point Declaration of the Central Committee of the Lao Patriotic Front (March 6, 1970) supplemented by the proposals of 27 April and 22 June 1971. Because it provides for a ceasefire and in particular, for an end to American bombings over the whole territory to make it possible for all the parties concerned to initiate fruitful negotiations on all questions of common interest with a view to achieving peace and national concord.
    In Cambodia, the problem must be solved on the basis of the 5-point declaration made on 23 March 1970 presented to Samdech Norodom Sihanouk and on the basis of the political programme of the National United Front of Kampuchea (FUNK). Because believe that the US government must totally and unconditionally stop bombing the Cambodian territory and totally withdraw the Saigon and Bangkok puppet troops together with their American and satellite advisers. Also we believe that the US government must be compelled to stop helping and supporting the Pnom Penh regime and the authority of the United National Government of Cambodia (FUNK), the only government genuinely representing the Cambodian people, should be made felt over the country.
  • Strengthen solidarity among the Buddhists and peoples of Indo China, fix a date for the united actions to promote and intensify the concrete supporting activities, such as a fund drive.
  • Bear in mind full precaution so that the Nixon Administration, its satellite administrations as well as its puppet regimes should not politically utilise religion, particularly Buddhism, for supporting aggressive war in Indo China, and let's firmly be against such a movement.
  • Let us oppose aggression by the Buddhists in Japan and Thailand, now the military footholds of American aggression in Indo China, and the military bases of American and our own, and totally support a movement to prevent use of nuclear armament in Indo China.
  • Strengthen solidarity with the religious and various organizations in America, which are opposing the aggressive wars being carried out by the Nixon administration in Indo China and struggling for justice.
  • Widely spread a special resolution concerning with the aggressive wars in Indo China adopted in the plenary session among the Buddhists of each respective country, region and organization.
  • Totally support "The World Assembly of Religions for Peace and Justice of the Indo Chinese people" proposed by the Japan Council of Religions for Peace, which is scheduled to be held in Tokyo coming July.
    Should be a knowledged as the only righteous basis for the solution that solution should through Paris talks which were arbitrarily suspended by Mr. Porter, the leader of the US delegation in Paris talks that all governments be urged to acknowledge the United Government of Cambodia as early as possible and let the people of Cambodia decide their fate themselves.
    We are quite aware that the religionists as not to speak of US, Buddhists alone, have not yet united and we are equally aware that unity is the only key to the solution. Therefore, we consider that it is very important that our unity should be expanded to join in the wider peace movement covering firstly egumenical common activities in order to stop overall abuse of religions for the vested evil ends, such as maneuvre of using the ugly colonial ne-colonial expansionism with the religious rob as conducted by the death merchants of Japan and the USA.
    In this connection, the awareness towards the rising Japanese remilitarisation which is accomplice to the USA war of aggression in Indo China should be strengthened.
    We extend out help in hands to the Buddhists, Christians and other religions striving for the immediate end to the war in Indo China as the citadel of the US imperialism and its collaborators in Asia and resolutely support their just struggle against military bases, military production and transport.
    We mutually support the Asian Buddhist struggle striving for the support of the peoples in Indo China in various ways which suit the situation we placed in.
    We encourage a wider publicity on the nature of the aerial war of Nixon which is indeed an escalation towards the Ecocidal stage from its Genocidal one, and for which we must exchange information among ourselves.