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Fourth General Assembly

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Tokyo, Japan

26-28 July 1976, B.E. 2520

Tokyo Appeal

Having gathered in Japan, the country of ancient Buddhist culture, and the only country in the world ever having experienced the atrocity of atomic and hydrogen bombs, we the disciples of the Lord Buddha held the Fourth General Conference of the Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace to discuss what our contribution can be to the achievement of a peaceful, just, humane, happy and bright future, as envisaged by Lord Buddha. We unanimously agreed that the convening of this beneficial forum for active and conscious participation in the contemporary peace movement for establishing peace for all living beings is a holy and lofty duty of the Dharma and a worthy practice for us, the Buddhists.

We have examined the situation prevalent in Asia since we met in the Third Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace in New Delhi paying special attention to the complete liberation of Vietnam, Lao and Kampuchea, and to the development of peace movements by Buddhists in various nations.

We learned from the experiences reported by the representatives of the atomic bomb sufferers and others that the horrors committed by the U.S. imperialists and the damage caused to the Japanese people as a result of the use of atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb test in northing short of an outrage against humanity. This is at variance with the teachings of Buddha reflected as follows:

"As a mother would never spare her life in order to save her only child from drowning, so should one evoke one's compassion, which is boundless, to save all living being."

Besides hundreds of thousands of precious lives that were lost in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in a spur of moment, an additional 300,000 died during more than thirty years since then. Furthermore, there are more than 340,000 people who are still surviving though affected by radiation, and if the second and third generations of A-bomb sufferers which is reaching the age of maturity are included, then as many as one million people are still suffering from the after effects of the bombs - in fact, a hell on earth. After hearing these sad experiences and after having deliberated upon this question, we felt an urgent necessity for making the people understand the most agonizing devastation caused by the atomic bombs at that moment and the continuation of terrible sufferings experienced by the people as a consequence to the after effects of the most atrocious nuclear attack, by the dehumanized criminal nature and the use of nuclear weapons. We shall not allow the use of nuclear bombs as used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki any more. Therefore, it is essential that all the nuclear weapons must be completely destroyed, and their manufacturing, stockpiling, and their use be prohibited.

For this purpose, we appeal to UN to convene a World Disarmament Conference of all the countries as early as possible for the complete prohibition of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, opening the road for general and complete disarmament.

And also as a matter of extreme urgency, an international convention should be adopted in the UN for the banning of their use.

The just, righteous and heroic struggle of the peoples of Vietnam, Laos and Kampuchea, which resulted in the defeat of US imperialism had the massive support and solidarity of the peace forces in the world. Thus, an atrocious war, unleashed by the imperialists headed by US imperialism, came to an end in this region.

The US imperialism, however, is not willing to learn the correct from its ignominious defeat in Vietnam, Laos and Kampuchea, and has declared the so-called "New Pacific Doctrine" which is full of intrigues and dirty maneuvers on its part. By this, the US imperialists are escalating tension in the world by supplying arms and armed personnel, by establishing, maintaining and expanding military bases, by economic aggression and economic blockade, thus aggravating an unwanted situation in the Asia, Pacific and Indian Ocean region. The US imperialist strives to intensify the use of Japan in pursuance of its policy of waging and escalating war and defending neo-colonialism. They have established a puppet regime in South Korea for making it a permanent colony in order to turn their area into a hotbed of tension, and to make this region a springboard for its military actions against Asia, thus bringing the menace of a nuclear war in Asia.

It is necessary that everybody is vigilant about the intrigues and maneuvers of US imperialism and its lackeys because they are an obvious menace to peace in Asia and the Pacific Ocean, as well as to the peoples of the entire world.

We, peace-loving Buddhists, must expose the ugly design of the so-called "New Pacific Doctrine," and agree to mutually support, encourage and inspire the struggles of all peace forces against the "New Pacific Doctrine" in order to frustrate its intentions. Therefore, we must march forward to form a strong united movement of not only Asian Buddhists, but also all the religions all over the world to realise durable peace.

We have to further intensify our struggle against the stationing of foreign military bases in Asian and Pacific region, demanding liquidation and withdrawal of all these aggressive foreign military bases, the dissolution of the aggressive military alliances and blocks in Asia, and at the same time, have to firmly fight against the expansion of militarism and fascism in Asian countries.

Genuine peace cannot be guaranteed where the national independence is denied, democracy trampled underfoot and freedom of faith strangulated. We call upon all the people who support the just demand of the Korean people for independence and peaceful reunification of their country. We must make people aware of the terror and repression committed by the Park regime and wholeheartedly support the just and righteous struggle of the South Korean people and religionists against oppression.

We call upon all the people to give continuous support and assistance to the peoples of Vietnam, Laos and Kampuchea in their efforts to heal the wounds of war and rebuild their countries so heavily devastated by so many years of aggressive wars. We demand that the US Government put an end to its hostile attitude towards Vietnam, Laos and Kampuchea, and discharge its responsibility in contributing to the healing of the wounds of war in Vietnam as stipulated by Article 21 of the Paris Agreement.

We consider that there exist possibilities for rallying and unifying the people of good will of various religions on the basis of philosophical traditions, and moral ideals inherent in every religion which is consistent with the favourable situation created by the contemporary peace movements. We hope that this possibility will be turned into reality.

Only by establishing and maintaining unity with all peace-loving forces, including religionists, can out joint efforts help eliminate war and sorrow, establish peace and thus ensure a happy, bright and glorious future of our human beings.

We release this "Tokyo Appeal" formulated, accepted and adopted in the spirit of historic "New Delhi Declaration".

May the cooperation of representative of various religions in the cause of peace grow in strength and prosper.

Tokyo, Japan

July 28, 1976

The Fourth General Conference of the

Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace